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Jailbreak (Cydia)


Jailbreak (Cydia), is a unique application which is helpful in installing Cydia on your Android device.Android users can benefit the real Cydia experience without using an Apple device. Jailbreaking is a process of granting access to root files in iOS devices. It is a similar process as rooting in Android. Cydia is an alternative for the Apples app store for jailbroken devices.
Cydia for Android cannot be found anywhere to download. Jailbreak (Cydia) is the only available app to get the real feeling of Cydia in your Android device.
Please note that this application is a demonstration of real Cydia application in Android platform and you can enjoy hundreds of applications via Jailbreak (Cydia) app.
List of apps that can be installed in your Android device.
* Flappy Bird* Bug Report* Todo7* Chatter* Hacker News* Weather* Flow Free* Bubbles* Solitaire* Word Wars* WebNES* Flip Clock* Pie Guy* Chocolates* Lily Makeup
and many more.